Understanding Gender: Why should we study it? Socialization: making women, making men. Introduction. preparing for womanhood. growing up male, first lessons in caste, different masculinities, just relationships, being together as equals, Mary Kom and Onler Love and acid just do not mix, love letters, mothers and fathers, further reading, rosa parks, the brave heart.


Gender and Biology: Missing women, sex selection and its consequences, declining sex ratio, demographic consequence, gender spectrum, beyond the binary. two or many. struggles with discrimination, our bodies. our health.


Gender and Labour: Housework, the invisible labour, my mother doesn’t work, share the Load, women’s work, its politics and economics, fact and fiction, unrecognized and unaccounted work, wages and conditions of work.


Issues of Violence: Sexual harassment – Say No! , Sexual harassment. no eve teasing, coping with everyday harassment, “Chupulu” domestic violence, speaking out, is home a safe place? When women unite, rebuilding lives, new forums for justice, thinking about sexual violence, blaming the victim. I fought for my life, the caste face of violence.


Gender Studies Knowledge: Through the lens of gender, point of view, gender and the structure of knowledge. Unacknowledged women artists of Telangana: Whose history? Questions for historians and others: reclaiming a past. writing other histories, missing pages from modem Telangana history.

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