About us

Our Mission


Every day, we students face a lot of stress factors about exams, interviews, coaching tests. There is a lot of information available on the world wide web and books. But prioritizing it for the exams is difficult for the freshers. I make their work easier through my website. I will upload all the lecture notes, tutorials, classes, and post some quizzes

Our Goals and achievements

  • Goals by end of 2017
    We thought of creating a website which can helps students to learn something in the best way....
  • By end of 2017
    We have started creating some basic websites using webs.com and wix.com
  • Goals by end of 2018
    We thought to move to next level.We started a youtube channel named:- OU Education Where we started teaching our course subjects
  • By end of 2018
    We have created our youtube channel and discussed 6 subjects in detail....
  • Goals by end of 2019
    We thought to start creating websites in a professional way using wordpress
  • by end of 2019
    We have published this website which has many subjects notes and lectures
  • Goals by end of 2020
    Now we will create an android app.... and start teaching programming and web designing skills...