Data Communication and Networking Overview, Protocol Architectures: OSI, TCP/IP and ATM. Data transmission, Guided and Wireless transmission.

Data Encoding: digital data-digital signals, digital data-analog signals, analog data-digital signals, analog data-analog signals


Multiplexing, Circuit switching and Packet switching, Digital Data Communication Techniques, Asynchronous and Synchronous transmission, DSL and ADSL.


Data Link Control: Error detection techniques, interfacing. Line configurations, Flow control, Error control, Data link control protocols, Protocol verification


Local Area Networks, LAN Technologies, MAC sub layer, CSMA/CD, Token Ring, Fibre channel, IEEE Standards, High Speed LAN: Switched, Fast, Gigabit Ethernets.



Wireless LANs, 802.11 Broad band wireless, 802.16 Bluetooth, Bridge, Spanning Tree Bridge, Source Routing Bridge, Repeaters, Hubs, Switches, Routers and Gateways, Virtual LANs.

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