Graphics Systems and Models: Graphics system, Images, Physical and Synthetic, Imaging system, Synthetic camera model, Programming interface, Graphics architectures, Programmable pipelines, Performance characteristics. Graphics Programming: Programming two-dimensional applications, Open GLAPI, Primitives and attributes, Color, Viewing and Control functions.



Input and Interaction: Input devices, Clients and Servers, Display lists, Display lists and modeling, Programming event-driven input, Picking, Building interactive models, Animating interactive programs and Logic operations. Geometric Objects: Three-dimensional primitives, Coordinate systems and frames, Frames in OpenGL, Modeling colored cube.



Transformations: Affine transformations, Transformations in homogeneous coordinates, Concatenation of transformations, OpenGL transformation matrices. Viewing: Classical and Computer views, Viewing with a computer, Positioning of camera, Simple projections, Projections in OpenGL, Hidden surface removal, Parallel- projection matrices, Perspective-projection matrices.



LightingandShading: Lightsources, ThePhonglightingmodel, Computationalvectors, Polygonal shading, Light sources in OpenGL, Specification of matrices in OpenGL, Global illumination.

FromVerticestoFrames:Basicimplementationstrategies,Line-segmentclipping,Polygonclipping, Clipping of other primitives, Clipping in three dimensions, Rasterization, Bresenham’salgorithm, Polygon Rasterization, Hidden- surface removal, Anti-aliasing, Display considerations.



Modeling & Hierarchy: Hierarchal models, Trees and traversal, Use of treed at a structure, Animation, Graphical objects, Scene graphs and Simple scene graph API, Open Scene graph, Other tree structures.

Curves & Surfaces: Representation of curves and surfaces, Design criteria, Bezier curves and surfaces, Cubic B- splines, General B-splines, Rendering curves and surfaces, Curves and surfaces in OpenGL.

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