IntroductiontoWorldWideWeb, WebBrowsers, WebServers, UniformResourceLocators, HTTP.

HTML5: Introduction, Links, Images, Multimedia, Lists, Tables, CreatingForms, Styling Forms.


Introduction to XML, XML document structure, Document Type Definition, Name spaces, XML Schemas, Display in graw XML documents, Displaying XML documents with CSS, XPath Basics, XSLT, XML Processors.



Introduction to JavaScript: JavaScript and Forms Variables, Functions, Operators, Conditional Statements and Loops, Arrays DOM, Strings, Event and Event Handling, Java Script Closures. Introduction to Ajax: Pre-Ajax JavaScript Communication Techniques, XML HTTP Request Object, Data Formats, Security Concerns, User Interface Design for Ajax.

Introduction to Python: Objects and Methods Flow of Control, Dynamic Web Pages.


Java Servlets: Java Servlets and CGI Programming, Benefits of Java Servlet, Life Cycle of Java Servlet, Reading data from client, HTTP Request Header, HTTP Response Header, working with Cookies, Tracking Sessions. Java Server Pages: Introduction to JSP, JSP Tags, Variables and Objects, Methods, Control Statements, Loops, Request String, User Sessions, Session Object, Cookies.



Introduction to PHP: Overview of PHP, General Syntactic Characteristics, Primitives, Operations, Expressions, Control Statements, Arrays, Functions, Pattern matching, Form handling, Files, Cookies, Session Tracking. Database access through Web: Architectures for Database Access-Database access with Perl-Database access with PHP-Database access with JDBC.


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