Web Programming & Services Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science



Web basics and overview: introduction to Internet, World Wide Web, Web Browsers, URL, MIME, HTTP, Web programmer’s toolbox Introduction to XHTML. Basics of Java script.

Introduction to XML, XML Document structure, DTD, namespaces, Schemas, XSLT style sheets, XML Processors


The J2EE Platform: Enterprise Architecture styles, J2EE Architecture
– Containers, J2EE Technologies, Deploying J2EE applications Introduction to Web containers

Servlet Programming: Overview of Java Servlet API, Servlet implementation, Servlet Configuration, Servlet Exceptions, Servlet Life cycle, Request and Responses.

Servlet Sessions, Context, and collaboration: Approaches to Session tracking, Session Tracking with Java Servlet API, Servlet Context, Servlet Collaboration


Filters for Web applications: What is a Filter, Sample Filter, Filter API, Deployment Descriptor for Filters, Chat Application with Filters.

Web Deployment, Authentication, and Packaging: Web application structure, Mapping requests to applications and servlets, Securing web applications, Deploying configuration.

JSP Basics and architecture: Introduction to JSP, Jsp Directives, Scripting Elements, Standard Objects, JSP Design strategies.

JSP Tag extensions: Tag extensions, A simple Tag Anatomy of a Tag extension, Writing Tag extensions, Application life cycle events


Java Mail: Mail protocols, Java Mail Overview, Installation and Configuration, Java mail API, working with Mail, Java mail resources

Database Programming with JDBC: Database Drivers

java.sql package: JDBC Process, Different types of statements, Retrieving meta information from Database and ResultSet

javax.sql package: JDBC Data sources, Connection pooling, Distributed transactions, RowSet objects


.NET Platform: Introduction to .NET Framework, Common type systems, Common Language Runtime.

Introduction to C#, Types and Objects, Program structure.

Introduction to ASP.NET: The basics, ASP.NET documents, Code behind files

ASP.NET controls- HTML controls, Life cycle, page level events, control events, web controls, creating controls with in code, Response output for controls, validation controls

.NET Remoting, Database Connectivity with ADO.NET

Suggested Reading:

1.Subramnyam Allamraju, Professional java server programming J2EE 1.3 Edition, Cedit Buest. Apress Publications

2.Robert W Sebesta, Programming the World Wide Web, Pearson Education

3.Joe Duffy, Professional .NET Framework 2.0, Wiley India