Web Programming & Networking Lab Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science


Web Programming Experiments:

1.Creation of static web site using XHTML.

2.Demonstration of XML, XSLT.

3.Validation of static web page using Java script.

4.Creation of dynamic content in web application using servlets.

5.Handling Sessions in web applications.

6.Usage of Filters in web applications.

7.Creation of dynamic content in web application using JSP.

8.Creation of dynamic content in web application using ASP.NET

9.Providing data store support for web site using JDBC

Network Programming Experiments:

10.Understanding and using the following commands. Ifconfig, netstat, ping, arp, telnet, tftp, ftp.

11.Implementation of concurrent and iterative Echo server using both connection oriented and connectionless Socket System Calls.

12.Implementation of time of the day service as Connection Oriented Concurrent Server using Socket System Calls.

13.Build a concurrent Multithreaded File Transfer Server. Use separate Threads to allow the server to handle multiple clients concurrently.

14.Implementation of Remote Program execution using Socket system calls. Programs to demonstrate the usage of Advanced Socket System calls Like Getsockopt(), Setsockopt(), Select(), Readv(), getpeernanel(), Getsockname()

15.Implement a Concurrent Chat Server that allows currently logged in users to communicate with one another. Use Socket System