Physics Lab Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science


List of Experiments:

 1. Biprism: To determine the wavelength'(/) of the given monochromatic source of light using Fresnel’s Biprism. 

2. Diffraction Grating: To determine the wavelength of a spectral line by a plane transmission diffraction grating. 


3. Laser:To determine the wavelength of laser using diffraction grating.

 4. Polarimeter: To determine the specific rotation of sugar solution using Polarimeter. 

5. Ultrasonics To find the ultrasonic velocity in the given liquid using Debye Sears method. 

6. Fiber Optics-I: 

(a) To determine the numerical aperture (NA) of the Optical Fiber. 

(b) To determine the losses in optical fiber due to I) bending and ii) coupling. 

7. Newton’s Rings: To determine the radius of curvature of a piano convex lens using Newton’s rings experiment. 

8. e/m of an electron: To determine the specific charge (e/m) of an electron by Thomson’s method. 

9. Double Refraction To study the double refraction characteristics of a crystal. 

10. Diffraction – Single slit:To determine the wavelength of light used. 

11. Malus law