physics II lab Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science





1. Dielectric Constant To determine the dielectric constant and phase transition temperature of given material (PZT). 

2. EON Curve:(a) To draw graph between the magnetising field and WE intensity of magnetisation of a ferromagnetic specimen and (b) determine I) Coercrelty 4) Retentivity and id) Hysteresis loss of given specimen (soft Iron) from the graph.


3. P-N Junction Diode: To draw the volt-ampere characteristics of the given P-N junction diode.


4. Photo Coll: To determine the plank’s constant and the work function of the photometal. 


5 Thermlater: To draw the temperature characteristics of a thermIstor and to evaluate the constants


6. Solar Cell: To draw I-V characteristics of a solar cell and to ca iodate the (a) Fill factor (b) Efficiency and (c) Sends resistance 

7. Nall Effect: To determine the (a) Hall coefflocnt (b) Carrier concentration and (c) Motility of charge carriers of given semi conducting material.


8. Thermo Electric Power: To calculate (a) Thermoelectric power (b) Fermi Energy and (c) Coma- concentration of given ferrite sample.

9. Four Probe Method: To determine the conductivity of semiconductors. 

10. Energy gap of a Setnleonduaor: To determine the energy gap of a given semiconductor. 

11. CRO : Meastrement of amplitude, frequency and phase tin, made! signal.