OS Lab Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science


1.Printing file flags for specified descriptor.

2.Print type of file for each command line arguments

3.Recursively descend a directory hierarchy counting file types

4.Program using process related system calls

5.Program s to create threads

6.Implement CPU scheduling algorithms

(a) Round Robin  

(b) SJF


7.Implement page replacement algorithms (a) FiFo (b) LRU

8.Echo server using pipes

9.Echo server using messages

10.Producer- Consumer problem using shared memory.

11.Readers – Writers problem using message passing

12.Dinning philosopher problem using semaphore

13.Bankers algorithm for Deadlock detection and avoidance

14.Program using file locking

15.Programs using LINUX shell scripts.


Case study of android OS