Object Oriented System Development Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science




UML Introduction : Necessity of a Model, Introducing the UML, Hello World.
Basic Structural Modeling: Classes, Relationships, Common Mechanisms,
Diagrams, Class Diagrams.
Advanced Structural Modeling: Advanced Classes, Advanced Relationships,
Interfaces, Types and Roles, Packages, Instances, Object Diagrams, Components.





Basic Behavioral Modeling: Interactions, Use Cases, Use Case Diagrams, Interaction diagrams, Activity diagrams.
Advanced Behavioral Modeling: Events and Signals, State Machines, Processes and Threads, Time and space, State Chart Diagrams.



Architectural Modeling: Artifacts, Deployment Collaborations, Patterns and Frame-works, Artifact diagrams, Deployment diagrams, Systems and models.




Unified Software Development Process: The Unified Process, The Four Ps, A
Use-Case-Driven Process, An Architecture-Centric Processes, An Iterative and
Incremental Process.





Core Workflows: Requirements Capture, Capturing Requirements as Use Case,
Analysis, Design, Implementation, Test.



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