Logic and Switching Theory Syllabus

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Digital Computers and Information: Information representation, Computer Structure.
Number Systems: Binary Numbers, Octal and Hexadecimal Numbers, Number Ranges.
Arithmetic Operations: Conversion from Decimal to other bases. Decimal Codes: BCD Addition. Alphanumeric Codes: ASCII Character Code, Parity Bit.
Binary Logic and Gates: Binary Logic, Logic Gates. Boolean Algebra: Basic Identifiers, Algebraic Manipulation, Complement of a Function.
Standard Forms: Minterms and Maxterms, Sum of Product and Products of Sums.



Minimization of Switching Functions: Introduction, the map method, Minimal Functions and Their Properties, the tabulation procedure, the prime implicant chart.
NAND and NOR Gates: Nand Circuits, Two-level Implementation, Multilevel NAND Circuits, NOR Circuits. Exclusive OR Gates: Odd Function, Parity Generation and Checking.


Combination Logic Design: Combinational Circuits, Design Topics: Design Hierarchy, Top –Down design, Computer Aided Design, Hardware Description Languages, Logic Synthesis. Analysis Procedure: Derivation of Boolean Functions, Derivation of the Truth Table, Logic Simulation, Design Procedure, Decoders, Encoders, Multiplexers, Binary Adders, Binary subtraction, Binary Multipliers, HDL Representations- VHDL.



Sequential Circuits: Sequential Circuit definitions. Latches, Flip Flops, sequential circuit analysis, sequential circuit design, design with D Flip Flops, designing with JK Flip- Flops, HDL representation for sequential circuits-VHDL.



Registers and Counters: Registers, Shift registers, Synchronous Binary counters, Ripple Counter.
Symmetric Networks: Properties of Symmetric Functions, Synthesis of Symmetric networks, identification of symmetric functions.


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