Graphics lab Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science




Introduction to Engineering drawing: Size of Drawing Sheet, Drawing sheet format, Types of lines, lettering, Dimensioning, Title block, Engineering Scales. Basic CAD commands: Introduction to 2D, line commands, Edit Commands, Copy commands, Move Commands, simple figures – line, plane surface, and solid section regular polygons. Simple Geometric Construction: Regular polygons inscribed In a circle given the side of the polygon, engineering curves- ellipse, parabola, hyperbola, cycloid and epicycloids. Involutes 


Scales: Instructions and their uses, Reduced and enlarged scales, Representative fraction, Scales- plain, diagonal and vernier. 

Projection of Points: Projection of points placed in different quadrants. 

UNIT – III Projection of straight lines: 

Projection of inclined to one and two reference planes. Traces of the lines, Projection of straight lines inclined to both the reference planes. 



Projection of planes: Projection of perpendicular planes, Oblique planes and Traces of planes. 




Projection of Solids: Poly-hedra, Solids of revolution, Projections of solids with axis Inclined to one or both the reference planes. 


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