A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science



Indian Industrial Environment – competence; Opportunities and Challenges, entrepreneurship and Economic growth, Small Scale Industry in India, Objectives, linkages among small, medium and heavy industries,types and forms enterprises.


Identification and characteristics of Entrepreneurs, Emergence of First generation entrepreneurs, environmental influence and women entrepreneurs. Conception and evaluation of ideas, their sources and decision making, Choice of Technology – Collaborative interaction for Technology development.


Project formulation, Analysis of market demand, Demand supply gap, Financial and Profitability analysis and Technical analysis. Project financing in India.


Project Management during construction phase, project organization, project planning and control using CPM-PERT techniques. Human aspects of project management. Assessment of tax burden.


Behavioral aspects of entrepreneurs: Personality – determinants, attributes and models, leadership concepts and models. Values and attitudes. Motivation aspects, change behavior.

Time Management: Various approaches of time management, their strengths and weaknesses. The urgency addiction and the time management matrix.

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