English II Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science




Business Communication: Importance of business communication; ABC of technical communication – Accuracy, Brevity, Clarity; Channels of communication: Downward communication, Upward communication, Diagonal communication, Horizontal communication; Organisational GDs


Interpersonal Communication and Personality Development: Models of interpersonal development, Johari window, Knapp’s model, styles of communication; Team work; Persuasion techniques; Mobile Etiquette, e-mail Etiquette; Time Management


Technical Written Communication: Differences between Technical Writing and General Writing; Report Writing: Types of Reports, Structure/Format, Language Style, Writing Technical Reports; Writing Scientific Papers.


Career Oriented Written Communication: Writing SOPs; Job Application: Language style and Format; Résumé writing: design and style; Cover Letter; Business Letters: Letters of enquiry and responses, Letters of complaint, Letters of adjustment, Sales letters; Agenda and minutes of the meeting


Interview Skills and Group Discussions: Interviews: Purpose, Planning, Preparation, Language and style, Sample interview questions and answers; Group discussions: Types of GDs, Features of good GDs, Preparing for a group discussion

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