English II Lab Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science



1. Role play: 

Use of dialogues In a variety of situations and settings 

2. Preeentatlon Skills: 

Making effective presentations, Expressions which can be used in presentations, Use of no•vertal communication. Coping with stage fright, Handling questions and answer session

 3. Public Speaking: 

Planning, Prepantion, Techniques of delivery, Handling stage fear/flight 


4. Group Discussion: 

Initiating, continuing and condudng a GD, Giving feedback; Practising case studies and Topic based CDs

5. Debate: 

Daterences between a debate and a greup discussion, Essentials of a debate, Participating in a debate 

6. Interview Skills:

 Facing Interviews conf4ently, Use or suitable expressions during Interviews; Mock inter views 

Suggested headings: 

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