Discrete Structures syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science



Fundamentals of Logic: Basic Connectives and Truth Tables, Logical Equivalence, Logical Implication, Use of Quantifiers, Definitions and the Proof of Theorems.


Set Theory: Set and Subsets, Set Operations, and the Laws of Set theory, Counting and Venn Diagrams.
Properties of the Integers: The well – ordering principle, Recursive definitions, the division algorithms, fundamental theorem of arithmetic.



Relations and Functions: Cartesian Product, Functions onto Functions, Special Functions, Pigeonhole Principle, Composition and Inverse Functions, Computational Complexity.
Relations: Partial Orders, Equivalence Relations and Partitions.
Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion: Principles of Inclusion and Exclusion, Generalization of Principle, Derangements, Rock Polynomials, Arrangements with Forbidden Positions.



Generating Functions: Introductory examples, definition and example Partitions of Integers, exponential generating function, summation operator. Recurrence Relations: First – order linear recurrence relation, second – order linear homogenous recurrence relation with constant coefficients, Non homogenous recurrence relation, divide and conquer algorithms.



Algebraic Structures: Algebraic System – General Properties, semi groups, Monoids, homomorphism, Groups, Residue arithmetic, group codes and their applications.


Graph Theory: Definitions and examples, subgraphs, complements and graph Isomorpshim, Vertex degree, Planar graphs, Hamiltonian paths and Cycles, Graph Coloring.
Trees: Definitions, properties and Examples, Rooted Trees, Spanning Trees and Minimum Spanning Trees.


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