Data Communications Syllabus

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Introduction: Communication model, Data Communication networking, Protocols and Architecture, Standards.

Data Transmission: Concepts and terminology, Analog and Digital Transmission, Transmission Impairments, Transmission media.
Data Encoding: Digital Data Digital Signals, Digital Data-Analog Signals, Analog Data-Digital Signals, Analog Data-Analog Signals.


Data Communication Interface: Asynchronous and Synchronous Transmission, Line Configuration, Interfacing.
Data Link Controls: Flow Control, Error Detection, Error Control, HDLC, other Data link Control protocols, performance issues.


Multiplexing: Frequency Division Multiplexing, Synchronous time – Division Multiplexing, Statistical Time – Division Multiplexing. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber line, xDSL. Circuit Switching, Packet Switching & Frame Relay. ATM Architecture, Logical Connection, ATM Cells, Transmission of ATM cells.


Traditional Ethernet: Topologies and Transmission Media, LAN protocol architecture, MAC sub layer, – CSMA/CD, Physical Layer, Implementation, Bridged, switched and full duplex Ethernets, Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switches. Fast Ethernet: MAC sublayer, Physical sublayer, Implementation.
Gigabit Ethernet: MAC sublayer, Physical Layer, Implementation.


Cellular Wireless Networks: Principles of Cellular Networks, First Generation Analog Second Generation CDMA, Third Generation Systems.
Wireless LANs: Overview, Wireless LAN Technology, IEEE 802.11. Architecture and services, IEEE 802.11 Medium Access Control, IEEE 802.11 Physical Layer.
Bluetooth: Architecture, Layers.

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