8085 Architecture: Introduction to microprocessors , 8085 Processor Architecture, Internal  operations,  Instructions  and  timings.  Programming  the   8085   –  Introduction to 8085 instructions, Addressing modes  and  Programming  techniques  with Additional instructions.



Stacks and Subroutines,  Interfacing  Peripherals  –  Basic  Interfacing  concepts, Interfacing output displays, Interfacing input keyboards. Interrupts – 8085 Interrupts, Programmable Interrupt Controller (8259A). Direct Memory Access (DMA) – DMA Controller (Intel 8257), Interfacing 8085 with Digital-to-Analog and Analog-to-Digital converters.



Programmable   Peripheral    Interface (Intel 8255A), Programmable Communication Interface

(Intel 8251), Programmable interval timer (Intel 8253 and 8254), Programmable Keyboard/

Display controller (Intel 8279). Serial and Parallel Bus standards RS 232 C, IEEE 488.



Introduction  to   8 0 8 6 Microprocessor :    Architecture, Pin details of 8086, Minimum and Maximum mode. Segment flags, memory banks, Interrupts and Interrupt responses. Hardware and software Interrupt applications, Interrupt example.



Addressing modes, Instruction set of 8086 and  assembler  directives.  Assemble Language Programming – Modular Programming – Linking and Relocation – Stacks – Procedures – Macros

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