Data Representation: Data types, Complements, Fixed and Floating Point representations, and Binary codes.

Overview    of    Computer    Function    and    Interconnections:     Computer components, Interconnection structures, Bus interconnection, Bus structure, and Data transfer.



Register Transfer Micro operations: Register Transfer Language, Register Transfer, Bus and Memory Transfers, Arithmetic, Logic and Shift micro operations, Arithmetic Logic Shift Unit. Basic Computer Organization and Design: Instruction Codes, Computer Registers, Computer Instructions,  Timing and Control, Instruction Cycle, Memory reference instruction, Input-Output and Interrupt.



Micro programmed Control: Control memory, Address Sequencing, Micro program example, Design of Control Unit.

Central Processing Unit: General Register Organization, Stack Organization, Instruction formats, Addressing modes, Data Transfer and Manipulation, and Program control.

Computer  Arithmetic:  Addition  and  Subtraction,  Multiplication,  Division,     and Floating Point Arithmetic Operations.



Memory Organization: Memory Hierarchy, Main Memory, RAM and ROM, Auxiliary memory, Associative memory, Cache  memory,  Virtual  memory,  Memory Management hardware.




Input-Output Organization: Peripheral Devices, Input-Output Interface, Asynchronous data transfer, Modes of Transfer, Priority Interrupt, Direct Memory Access (DMA), I/O Processor, Serial Communication.

Pipeline Processing: Arithmetic, Instruction and RISC Pipelines.

Assessing and Understanding Performance: CPU performance and its factors, Evaluating performance.


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