Boolean Algebra: Axiomatic definition of Boolean Algebra Operators, Postulates and Theorems, Boolean Functions, Canonical Forms and Standard Forms, Simplification of Boolean Functions Using Theorems and Karnaugh Map Method.



Minimization of Switching Functions: Quine-McCluskey Tabular Method, Determination of Prime Implicants and Essential Prime Implicants.

Combinational Logic Design: Single-Output and Multiple-Output Combinational Circuit Design, AND-OR, OR-AND and NAND/NOR Realizations, Exclusive-OR and Equivalence functions.



Design of Combinational Logic Circuits: Gate Level design of Small Scale Integration (SSI) circuits, Modular Combinational Logic Elements- Decoders, Encoders, Priority encoders, Multiplexers and De-multiplexers.

Design of Integer Arithmetic Circuits using Combinational Logic: Integer Adders – Binary Adders, Subtractors, Ripple Carry Adder and Carry Look Ahead Adder, and Carry Save Adders.




Design of Combinational Circuits using Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs): Programmable Read Only Memories (PROMs), Programmable Logic Arrays (PLAs), Programmable Array Logic (PAL) devices.

Introduction to Sequential Circuit Elements: Latch, Various types of Flip-Flops and their Excitation Tables.



Models of Sequential Circuits: Moore Machine and Mealy Machine, Analysis of Sequential Circuits-State Table and State Transition Diagrams. Design of Sequential Circuits-Counters. Moore and Mealy State Graphs for Sequence Detection, Methods for Reduction of State Tables and State Assignments.

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