Computer Skills lab Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science




I PC Hardware

1. Identity the peripherals of a computer. ( Processor, Memory chips. Mother board, Disk drives, and Controller card such as AGP board, Network cards, Sound card, as well as Parallel and Serial ports etc.,)

 2. Disassembling and Assembing PC In working condition. Load the Operating Systems with partitions for Windows and Linux, conrgure for Network.


11 Productivity Tools: 

1. Documentation Using MS-Word – Introduction to Orrice Automaton, Creating & Editing Document, Formatting Document, Auto-text, AutecorreCt, Spelling and Grammar Tool, Document Dictionary. Page Formatting, and Bookmarks.

 2. Presentation using MS-PowerPoint: Creating presentation slides and Enhancing Slides with features like Organizational charts, Excel °saris, Word Mt, Objects, Animations and Sounds. Inserting Animated Pictures or Accessing through Object.

3. MS Excel : introduction to MS•Excel, Creating & Editing Worksheet, Formatting and Essential Operations, Formulas and Functions- like sum, average, standard deviation, and charts.

4. Internet and MTML:

a) Telnet/Secure shell (Remote login to university computers) 

b) Electronic Mall (Communicating with email software) 

c) Fie Transfer Protocols (transferring files between networked computers) 

d) World Wide Web (Interface, Navigation. Search Tools) 

e) Publishing Web Pages (Using 14TML editors to create personal web sites) 

f) Create the web-page (With title, text, frames, hyperlinks to some sites, pictures, lists, tables, loner and colors) without using any web authoring tools. S. 

Documentation Using LATEX: 

Introduction to Linux Commands, Introduction to LateX, Creating & Editing Document, Formatting Document, Auto-text, Aut000rrect, Spelling and Grammar tool, Page Formatting, Single/Multi column, Piths’s/Objects, Drawing, Hyperlinks, treader/Footer, and Tables. 

Suggest/on Reading: 

1. Pew Norton, “Introdualon to Computers’ , Edition, McGraw Hill Publishers, 

2. Leslie Lampert, “Latex: A Document Preparation System, 241 Edition, Pearson Education India, 1904. 

3. Stefan Kottwitz, “(aTeX Beginner’s Guide”, Shroff/Packt Publishers, First Edition, 2012.