Chemistry Lab Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science



List of Experiments:


1. Introduction to Volumetric Analysis. 

2. Techniques of Weighing and usage of analytical balance pERMANGANOMFTRY 

3. Preparation of a standard solution of Oxalic acid or Sodium oxalate and Standardization of KMnO4 solution 

4. Preparation of standard solution of Mohr salt, standardization of KMn04 solution and estimation of ferrous Iron in the given solution DICHROMETRY 

5. Preparation of a standard solution of potassium dichromate, standardization of Mohr salt solution and estimation of dichromate in the given solution. 

6. Estimation of ferrous and ferric Ions In the given mixture by using standard K2Cr?0, solution 

7. Preparation of a standard solution of Potassium dichromate – Standardization of Mohr salt solution-determination of chemical oxygen demand. ACIDMETRY 

8. Preparation of a standard sodium carbonate solution and standardization of hydrochloric acid and estimation of carbonate and bicarbonate in the given mixture.

9. Estimation of alkalinity of Water.COMPLEXOMETRY 

10. Preparation of standard magnesium sulphate solution and standardization of EDTA solution and estimation of total hardness in the given sample of water. 

11. Estimation of temporary and permanent hardness of water by the EDTA method. 

Suggested Reading: 

1. “Vogel’s Text book of quantitative chemical analysis” J. Mendham and Thomas, Person education Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi 66′ ed. 2002.