C Language I Syllabus

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Introduction to Computers: Computer Systems, Computing Environments, Computer Languages, Creating and Running Programs, Software Development, Flow charts. Number Systems: Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal

Introduction to C Language – Background, C Programs, Identifiers, Data Types, Variables, Constants, Input / Output Statements

Arithmetic Operators and Expressions: Evaluating Expressions, Precedence and Associativity of Operators, Type Conversions.



Conditional Control Statements: Bitwise Operators, Relational and Logical Operators, If, If-Else, Switch-Statement and Examples. Loop Control Statements: For, While, Do-While and Examples. Continue, Break and Goto statements Functions: Function Basics, User-defined Functions, Inter Function Communication, Standard Functions, Methods of Parameter Passing. Recursion- Recursive Functions.. Storage Classes: Auto, Register, Static, Extern, Scope Rules, and Type Qualifiers.



Preprocessors : Preprocessor CommandsArrays Concepts, Using Arrays In C. Inter-function Commoneanon, Arras Applasstons, Two- Dimensional Array HUIP:IirrlenHOned &MO, Linear and Binary Search, Selection and Rubble Sort. 


Pointer. – Introduction, Pointers foe Interaruncton Communication. Pointers to Pointers, Compatibility, lvalue and Ryalue, Arrays and Pointers, Pointer Arithmetic and Arrays, Doming an May to a Function, Memory Allocation Functions, Array of Pointers, Programa+Au Applications, Pointers to void, Pointe: to Functions. Command-lino Arguments. Strings – Concepts, C Strings, String InpUPOLKPUt Functions, Arran of Strings, Suing Manipulation Functions. 


Structures: Definition and Initialization of Structurm, Accesang StruHMOS, Hosted Structures, RimayS of Structures, Structures and Functions, Pointers to Structures, Self Referential Structuras, Unions, type Definition (typedef), Enumerated Types. Input and Output: Intioductien to FINS. Modes of Files, Streams, Standard library InPutdOutput Functions. Character Input/Output Functions. 

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