Basic Electronics Syllabus

A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science



Semi Conductor Theory: Energy Levels, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors, Mobility, Diffusion and Drift current. Hall Effect, Characteristics of P-N Junction diode, Parameters and Applications.
Rectifiers: Half wave and Full wave Rectifiers (Bridge, center tapped) with and without filters, ripple regulation and efficiency. Zener diode regulator.



Bipolar Junction Transistor:BJT, Current components, CE, CB, CC configurations, characteristics, Transistor as amplifier. Analysis of CE,CB,CC Amplifiers(qualitative treatment only).
JEET: Construction and working, parameters, CS, CG, CD Characteristics, CS amplifier.


Feedback Concepts – Properties of Negative Feedback Amplifiers,Classification, Parameters .
Oscillators – Barkhausen Criterion, LC Type and RC Type Oscillators and Crystal Oscillators. (Qualitative treatment only)



Operational Amplifiers – Introduction to OP Amp, characteristics and applications –Inverting and Non-inverting  Amplifiers, Summer, Integrator, Differentiator, Instrumentation Amplifier.
Digital Systems: Basic Logic Gates, half, Full Adder and Subtractors.



Data Acquisition systems: Study of transducer (LVDT, Strain gauge, Temperature, Force).       
Photo Electric Devices and Industrial Devices: Photo diode, Photo Transistor, LED, LCD, SCR,  UJT Construction and Characteristics only.
Display Systems: Constructional details of C.R.O and Applications.

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