A Hunt for Reaching Horizon of Science




Object Based Databases: Overview, Complex data types, Structured types and inheritance in SQL, Table inheritance, Array and multiset Types in SQL, Object –identity and reference Types in SQL, Implementing O-R features, Persistent programming languages, Object-relational mapping, Object-oriented versus object-relational.




XML: Motivation, Structure of XML data, XML document scheme, Querying and transformation, Application program interface to XML, Storage of XML data, XML applications.




Query Processing: Overview, Measures of query cost, Selection Operation, Sorting, Join Operation, Other Operations, Evaluation of Expressions.
Query Optimization: Overview, Transformation of relational expressions, Estimating statistics of expression results, Choice of evaluation plans, Materialized Views.





Parallel Databases: Introduction, I/O parallelism, Interquery Parallelism, Intraquery Parallelism, Intraoperation Parallelism, Interoperation Parallelism, Query Optimization, Design of Parallel Systems.
Distributed Databases : Homogeneous and heterogeneous database, Distributed data Storage, Distributed transactions, Commit protocols, Concurrency control in distributed databases, Availability, Distributed query processing, Heterogeneous distributed databases.






Advanced Application Development: Performance tuning, Performance benchmarks, Other issues in application development, Standardization.
Spatial and Temporal Data and Mobility: Motivation, Time in databases, Spatial and geographic data, Multimedia databases, Mobility and Personal databases.



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