Object Based Databases: Overview, Complex Data Types, Structured Types and Inheritance in SQL, Table Inheritance, Array and Multi-set. Types in SQL, Object-Identity and Reference Types in SQL, Implementing O-R features, Persistent Programming Languages, Object-Relational Mapping, and Object-Oriented versus Object-Relational.



XML: Motivation, Structure of XML data, XML Document Schema, Querying and Transformation, Application Program Interface to XML, Storage of XML data, XML applications.



Query Processing: Overview, Measures of Query Cost, Selection Operation, Sorting, join Operation, Other Operations, Evaluation of Expressions.

Query Optimization: Overview, Transformation of Relational Expressions, Estimating Statistics of Expression Results, Choice of Evaluation Plans, Materialized Views.



Parallel Databases : Introduction, 1/0 Parallelism, Inter query Parallelism, Intra query Parallelism, Intra- operation Parallelism, Interoperation Parallelism, Query Optimization, Design of Parallel Systems.

Distributed Databases: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Database, Distributed Data Storage, Distributed. Transactions, Commit Protocols, Concurrency Control in Distributed Databases, Availability and Distributed Query Processing, Heterogeneous Distributed Databases, Cloud-Based Databases and Directory Systems.



Advanced Application Development: Performance Tuning, Performance Benchmarks Other Issues in Application Development, Standardization.

Spatial and Temporal Data and Mobility: Motivation, Time in Databases, Spatial and Geographic Data, Multimedia Databases, Mobility and Personal Databases.


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